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Cheers. Prost. Skål. Proost. 干杯. Sláinte. Salute. 건배. Prosit. Na zdrowie. Salud. Iechyd da. 乾杯. Å’kålè ma’luna.

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Barroom Heroes
Pub Culture
Chris Bettini

Chris has been named the "Beer God" by the Omaha World Herald and has served as the American Ambassador for Gulden Draak beer. You can usually find him slinging suds at the Crescent Moon Alehouse in Omaha, Nebraska

Pub Culture
Brady Cox

Brady has spent the last decade hunting new beers. He has visited over 250 breweries. He has also used the term 'lupulin shift' non-ironically, for which he apologizes. His day job consists of building Internets at the Google machine.